Temperature Gauge

Temperature Gauge

temperature gauge
Temperature reflects the momentous thermal condition of a homogenous material. Measurement of temperature normally requires close, direct contact between the material and the sensor in such a manner that the sensor responds quickly to the temperature of the material.

The two type of dial thermometers manufactured by A.N Instruments are as follows:

Types of Temperature Gauge

bi metal temperature gauge

Bi-Metal Thermometers

The bi-metallic element consists of two strips of different metals, with different thermal expansion coefficients, inseparably joined together. This strip is spirally or helically wound with one end fixed to the body of the thermometer, and the other attached to the axis of a pointer.

mercury in steel thermometer

Mercury in Steel Thermometer

These thermometers enable measurement of temperature with an accuracy of +1% of the maximum scale value. This kind of thermometer system comprises a sensor bulb, transmitting capillary and a case containing a Bourdon Tube element.


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