Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

pressure gauge Elastic pressure gauges indicate the relative difference between the pressure of the medium and the surrounding atmosphere. The construction is simple and robust; no additional source of energy is needed for its operation. Among the existing types of sensing/elastic elements, the most commonly used are :

Types of Pressure Gauge

bourdon type pressure gauge

Bourdon type Pressure Gauge

These are used for measurement of pressure and vacuum and are suitable for all clean and non-clogging liquid and gaseous media. The Bourdon Tube is a thin walled tube of oval cross section which may be of 'C' form or spirally wound.

capsule type pressure gauge

Capsule type Pressure Gauge

Capsule Pressure gauges are designed for measuring low/very low pressures and vacuum. The pressure medium needs to be gaseous. The capsule consists of two diaphragms joined and sealed around their circumference.

differential pressure gauge

Differential Pressure Gauge

These gauges are intended for measuring the pressure differential existing across two media or two parts of a system. All common pressure elements are used, as the application demands.

chemical sealed pressure gauge

Chemical Sealed Pressure Gauge

Diaphragm sealed gauge commonly known as "chemical seal" gauge are designed and recommended to isolate the measuring system of a pressure gauge from corrosive, pasty or dangerous fluid depending on the viceosity, pressure, temperature, solidification of a particular process medium.

draught gauge

Draught Gauge

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mud gauge

Mud Gauge

To meet the demand of oil exploration and refineries 'ANI' has developed a gauge for the pressure measurement of 'Crude Oil' completely on the basis of their in-house development department know-how.


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