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Contemporary technology, Skilled craftsmanship, Commitment to excellence. All this, and more, have made A N Instruments the most trusted name in pressure and temperature gauges. And, helped obtain approval from leading project consultants in India and abroad.

A N Instruments was established in the early 1970's. Over the past four and half decades, the company has continually expanded its product range, which now includes special purpose pressure gauges, regulators and circular chart data recorders.

Its dedication to quality is reflected in the manufacturing process which involves rigorous quality and performance tests of all raw materials and components. Further, 100% inspection of every single piece, including leakage testing at sealing points, is mandatory. This meticulous procedure ensures consistent, trouble-free performance over years of use in hostile environments and helps avoid repeated, often troublesome, adjustments.

To cater to the increasingly stringent requirements and continuous process industries, and guarantee zero defect performance of its ever increasing product range. A N's R & D Department has designed a comprehensive array of testing equipment to simulate various environmental conditions.